Africa GDG BarCamps' FAQ

  • Q: What is a GDG BarCamp?

    A GDG BarCamp is a series of community-led events that have technical sessions centered around Google developer technologies and platforms. GDG BarCamp is focused specifically on bringing together people in the local developer community to teach, learn, code and network.

    Similar in spirit to a regular BarCamp, each GDG BarCamp event should be tailored to the needs of the hosting developer community.

  • Q: Who are concerned by this Challenge and these Africa Barcamps events?

    This challenge and events are for GDGs, JUGs and each Android passionate in the African continent regardless of race, sex, academic and professional level etc.

  • Q: Is this challenge available to all Sub-Saharan African countries?

    YES, this competition is open for each African country (Sub-Saharan and North Africa) including : Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

  • Q: We want to organize local events to promote the AAC. Can we get sponsorship from the AAC Managing team?

    Each GDG or JUG organizing an Africa GDG BarCamp will get funding support from the AAC team to celebrate local winners. Of course, those which will organize hackathons and codelab, and the more active could get more funding to get their GDG BarCamp smater. Then if you (Organizers) want to organize a GDG BarCamp event, please refill this form before the 18th of March 2013. After this date, those who hadn't had submited their event couldn't get funding !

  • Q: Is there a limit to the number of entries an individual or team can submit?

    A Participant may submit more than one Entry. At the time of submission, the Participant must designate ONE and ONLY ONE category (Game, Lifestyle, Social Network etc...) that the Entry is submitted under.

  • Q: I registered on the site and was looking for the submission form. However, I couldn't find it? Is it available yet? If so, can you send me the link?

    YES, the link to the AAC is and you can send your submission to

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